My name is Dorota Orlof aka Dorka strong and I’m a Visual Storyteller, who knows how to build stuffs and create good stories. I’m focusing on creation of clear, appealing and meaningful visual communicates and experiences. I work between art, design, and education with a main focus on graphic design.

Because of my big interest in geopolitics and information design I’m happy to work with infographics and visual journalism, in spectrum from traditional to experimental approach.
On the other hand, I see a big importance in creative education, thus I’m always very excited to work on designing workshops, including custom materials.
For the commissions I work with projects aligned with my values.

What I can do for you or what could we collaborate on

  • Infographics (static or interactive)
  • Illustration
  • 2D animation (e.g. explainer video)
  • Visual journalism (from developing graphic materials to designing a room experience)
  • Branding
  • Web-design and development + customised CMS (in collaboration with my good developer friend)

Very short CV

I’m a graduate of Graphic Design Master Programm at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, and a Fab Academy alumni at Fab Academy Barcelona. Following the latest I’m certified to teach Fab Academy as a novice instructor. I’m also an alumni of The Hive Collaborative Residency in Aix-en-Provence, where I co-founded Telenatura Lab.

Currently based in Berlin and working internationally.

Open for collaborations and commissions: